Punching Your Own Weight

I dislike fat jokes. It always seems like “punching down”, and I generally don’t find that funny.

I didn’t like them when I was in shape. I like them even less now that I’m fat myself.

Make fun of *stupidity* all you like, though. Like, I *know* I’m fat. When the restraint didn’t fit on a carnival ride, I got off without a fuss. Because, duh. But if I *had* thrown a fit (or not purchased two seats on a plane, etc) and acted surprised that I was fat? Um, yeah, make fun of me then.

I say that to put the following in context:

Saying “Just eat less and exercise more” to a fat person is like saying “Just wear makeup so you’re not ugly”.

I could go through how weight and body shape are more complicated than that. I could give you examples from my own life.

But fuck off. If you’re *volunteering* that “advice” to anyone, you’re just being a rude asshole.

Featured photo from Unsplash