Somehow They Aren’t Strawman Arguments…

So I got into discussions with covidiots today. Which went some places I really thought were just caricatures.

An example: A guy told me masks weren’t 100% effective, so he wasn’t going to wear one. To which, I had to reply:

Antibacterial soap is only 99% effective, so I guess you don’t believe surgeons should wash their hands. Even if you have an umbrella, your pants cuffs might get wet, so you’ll just stand in the rain without an umbrella then. Right???

You can actually see most of one post’s comment thread on the Internet Archive , except the last bit where a heartless woman wrote:

She then went on to say that it was all made up by hospitals wanting money. (TL;DR response: Yes, hospitals get paid for diagnosing and treating diseases. Duh. That’s our capitalist healthcare system.)

Anyway, I ended up making some of my points into harder-to-ignore memes. Just putting these up here for my reference. Feel free to use them yourself; with the obvious exception the images came from unsplash.

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