Being “Tough” Is Anything But

I can’t believe I never really realized exactly how big of scrotes “tough guys” (and tough women) are.

Think about all the stereotypical “tough” or “hardcore” characteristics.

They’re all about being the opposite of strong.

“Too tough” to wear a seatbelt? Nah, too much of a scrote to be able to deal with a strap.

Too “macho” to see a therapist? Nah, too scared of their own feelings.

So “tough” you binge drink? Nah, too much of a coward to face reality.

Me in MOPP 4 with a real inconvenient mask

Too “tough” to wear a cloth face mask?

Come back after you’ve run around for a summer day in MOPP4, you wussy scrote.

And until then, wear your damn mask.

Unless you’re too much of a wuss to.

Featured Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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