Why the GOP Wants Protests Against Public Health #MakeAmericaSickAgain

I get why there’s protests against stay at home orders.

I don’t agree with them at all, but I think I understand the feeling that is driving them.

It’s not haircuts and small businesses and restaurants. Okay, maybe there are some who genuinely believe those reasons, but I don’t think that’s what is driving it.

They’re justifications to cover up their fear.

Fear of what’s already started to happen.

Fear that people will keep questioning.

Fear that people will keep wondering why such “essential” workers are paid so little.

Fear that people will keep wondering why so many jobs require people to physically be in a specific location at a specific time.

Fear that people will realize how much they’re missing by being required to do something on site that they could be doing remotely.

Fear that people will keep wondering if we really need all that oil and all that driving around.

Fear that people will keep wondering why things are always so unfair and unbalanced.

Fear that people will keep wondering why we don’t usually support and look after each other the way we are now.

Fear that people will keep wondering why some people will sacrifice other’s lives for their personal gain.

Fear that people will realize society doesn’t have to go back to being that way.

The more time we have to think about that, the more fearful they are.

Because the ones whipping up this frenzy –

not those risking their and their family’s health for someone else’s pocketbook, but the ones inciting it

– are afraid that with enough time to think, we will all see that the emperor and his flunkies have no clothes.

And are lying sacks of shit, too.

Featured Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash

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