I was lucky enough to see three acts touring together earlier this month, and I can definitely recommend both their music and their live shows. First up in the order they performed:


I remember being a fan of MOD and S3M music files back between ’89-’91.

LAZERPUNK sounds like what we were trying to do, but… actually doing it. The synthwave thing (and all its subsets) is very definitely the acoustic version of neo-futurism. It’s the future we thought we were going to – or maybe deserved to – get, but actually isn’t.

Until you blast this through your speakers. For a brief moment, LAZERPUNK’s music lets those mirrorshades and portable deck in your cyberarm be actually cool again. Give this track a listen:

You can get all of LAZERPUNK’s music for "name your price" on Bandcamp at

The Live Show

I was curious how a purely electronic act with no vocals would do a live show.

I was amazed.

The dude comes out in a full-on Adidas track suit with white stripes, and it’s genius. In the dim black lights, every move he made was visible and dramatic. The light show, even with a limited rig, worked right with the act. And most importantly, he was INTO IT.

I have seen musicians be bored on stage. LAZERPUNK was the exact opposite of that. He was SO visibly into the music that it electrified the whole room. The video below gives you a SORT of idea of what I mean.

It was a great show, and far exceeded my expectations. If you get a chance, check him out!

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