Review: TaoTronics Soundbars Let You Upgrade Your Sound Inexpensively

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the difference between “loud” and “quality” sound.

Starting with volume normalization of my music collection, this eventually led to wanting to upgrade the sound quality on my television and PC from the crappy speakers that I’d been using for the last five to ten years.

I ended up choosing two things from TaoTronics – a brand I’m growing to trust for inexpensive but quality tech – a 32″ soundbar and a 16″ computer speaker soundbar. Because of my setup, it made more sense to use the larger soundbar with my PC and the smaller one with the TV, but both are great.

Both deliver significantly better sound than I had before – both louder and better quality. Both accept AUX or Bluetooth inputs and plug in, so there’s no stupid battery changing needed. The larger soundbar also accepts optical input and came with the AUX and optical cables (and a remote) which was nice as well.

They’re a nice step between the crappy PC speakers (or worse, the built-in ones) and the lowest-range 5.1 setups out there with price points of $49.99 (with a $10 coupon on Amazon) for the computer speaker soundbar and $63.99 (with a 5% coupon on Amazon) for the larger TV soundbar.

I highly recommend these; I’ve bought both of these and am using them probably whenever you’re reading this.

Featured Photo by Jonas Zürcher on Unsplash

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