Playing Minecraft? I Have Recommendations For You.

Yes, I’m still playing Minecraft, and unapologetically. Minecraft – and other world building games – actually help me when I’m feeling helpless or stressed.

And more to the point, MyMineCraft – my favorite small server – is back, and has the same values and feel that it had before. If you’re interested, put in as the server to connect to.

If you’re still playing – or looking to get (back) into it – I would highly recommend this server. The admin is a great guy, the mods are responsive, and there’s just enough tweaks to make vanilla Minecraft a little easier.

My current build is rehabbing a naturally spawned village and making it defensible. It’s called Sweet Berry Junction (yes, it’s a reference to Greg the Bunny):

If you’re intimidated by the changes (or mods or whatever), I’d like to recommend the Technic Launcher. It makes installing modpacks easy, including my modpack for 1.14 called Grunkle Steven’s Villagers.

And when you get it set up, I’ll be happy to say hello when you join MyMinecraft at!

Featured Photo by Nina PhotoLab on Unsplash

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