Make Your Android Background Match The Time Of Day

It’s been three years since I published a Tasker project, and I’m pretty pleased with this (relatively simple) one.

Tasker is a way to automate actions with your Android phone. If you’re not familiar with Tasker, check out this (older, but relevant) Lifehacker post. It’s a paid app, but I think it’s worth it.

This particular project leverages a free plugin (Locale/Tasker Twilight Plug-In) and the awesome service.

This project sets the backdrop for the launcher to a curated background from based on the time of day.

To use it, first create a file (using your favorite file manager) called backdrop.jpg in the root directory of your phone memory. The Twilight plugin is already set to trigger based on whether it’s daytime, nighttime, or twilight and to pull an appropriate backdrop from one of three collections I’ve curated: Twilight, Daytime, or Nighttime using the simple Source API from Unsplash.

I’ve tried to pick images that are representative of those times of day, with few people.

You can, of course, substitute your own collections if you like.

I’ve made the task available on GitHub, GitLab, and my own personal Git repository.

The featured photo is part of the Nighttime collection, and is by Sylwia Pietruszka on Unsplash

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