I’ve been using Hulu about as long as I have been Netflix – and I know others (like my father) who have been using it longer. Without Hulu, it would have been a lot harder for me to be introduced to shows like Spaced (starring Simon Pegg), the UK version of The Office, Moone Boy, Runaways, Black Books, or to keep up with The Good Place without waiting for when (or if) it makes it to Netflix. It’s also super easy to watch on your devices (XBox, PS4, Wii, etc).

And despite Netflix raising prices, Hulu just decided to lower prices for the ad-supported streaming tier from $7.99 to only $5.99. (The live TV plan went up in price a bit, but hey.) And if you click THIS LINK HERE you’ll get several weeks free (the offer seems to flux between two and four weeks offered free) and I’ll get a small referral bonus.

Seriously, I don’t just randomly recommend things. If you’re still a regular cable TV customer, Hulu is a great stepping-stone to cord-cutting. You’ll still get current seasons – usually with a day’s delay – and still fewer ads than I see on network TV. Give it a try and get two to four weeks free, and if you like it, enjoy the discounted pricing.

If you couldn’t see/click the links above, you can go to (that’s my own personal URL shortener) and get the deal.

Featured Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash