Review: Better Watch Out – Christmas Horror and Thrills (highly recommended)

Better Watch Out starts out fun and funny, as the parents leave and the pretty babysitter comes over for the last time before college.

And then things start to go wrong.

And then then they go really, really, really wrong.

My sweetie and I watched this together, and our mouths literally dropped open.

When you watch, you’ll know when. And I bet your mouth will hang open too.

This movie is like taking You’re Next, crossing it with The Babysitter, and then adding a (gore-light) version of Funny Games.  It is hilarious, surprising, and dark…but not completely “circle the drain” nihilistic. It is light on the gore factor (hooray, seriously, I dislike body horror) and light on the jump scare factor (hooray), but totally kills the rest of it.

I can’t go into specifics for, um, reasons, but I thoroughly enjoyed this film while still being rocked by it. It is perhaps my favorite horror movie since Cabin in the WoodsHIGHLY recommended.

You can rent (streaming) for as little as $3, and own for as little as $5 – you can check out the (many) options to watch at

And Merry Christmas.

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