Begin At The End

You can’t know your legacy.

You might have a guess, or an idea, but you can’t really know.

My parents once gave me a vacuum cleaner as a gift, shortly after my first son was born. I decided to return it to the store for the $50. My rationalizations were… suspect.

Unsurprisingly, my parents were disappointed.

Yet that $50 has echoed throughout my life. Just last month, twenty five years later, it echoes in the money I gave my son for him to build a PC as a holiday gift so that he can follow his dreams. It echoes in the housewarming things I gave my amour to help her set up her own, first, real house that’s hers.

It’s my parent’s legacy, but until they read this, they won’t know how their gift – and my mistreatment of that gift – effected the lives of others.

It’s a simple, even silly example. But it’s a true one.

Remember that.

Remember that you affect lives in ways you never suspected.

Remember that as we begin again at the end of this year.

Remember that we never imagined how our lives would end up.

Remember to breathe.

And don’t worry about setting your clock to atomic time.

Featured Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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