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I’ve touched on this before, but apropos to a discussion with my amour this weekend, I wanted to hit it again:  What songs really changed your life?

For my example, I’d say that these songs really marked huge pivots in my life (and musical taste) – but what songs changed your life?

Mr. Roboto: Styx

Five years old or so, I heard this on the radio through headphones. My life was never the same.

VX Gas Attack: Skinny Puppy

Helen introduced me to Skinny Puppy, and my mind (and musical landscape) widened immensely.

One: Metallica

I saw this after being at Helen’s one night. It was a refrain through protesting the military and then being part of it. I still make everyone else shut up when it’s on.

Three Days: Jane’s Addiction

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many intoxicated nights where this song featured, and fueled my imagination (though not my reality).

Fear Factory: Zero Signal

Something that penetrated the limited selection of the PX while I was in Korea, and has stuck with me since.

Little Black Submarines: The Black Keys

It’s associated with her (she knows who she is) and how she turned me on to this kind of rock. I am forever indebted for that.

Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division

Signifying destruction and renewal for me, this song is multifaceted beyond what they ever expected when writing it.

Nova: VNV Nation

This … this is now. This is where I’ve been stripped bare and laid low, and yet I’m somehow still loved. This is the song I want to dance with you at, my love, when the time comes and everyone is watching.

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