They do not care about your children, or your children’s future.

It is a horrible thing to harm a child. It is a common and noble thing to ask for fair pay for fair work.  And it is a corrupt “boss” who then strikes their pay downward, harming both the workers and the children.
This is the situation in WV, where after reaching an agreement with the Governor, the state senate there cut their pay raise after the strike began.

In a joint statement Saturday, the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia, West Virginia Education Association and the School Service Personnel Association said Senate President Mitch Carmichael and his leadership team had left them with no choice after they voted to reduce the raise to 4 percent.

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Imagine you have a choice of sending your child – your child – to a school where the teachers get paid less…or a school where the teachers get paid more.  Which school would you want your kids to go to?

The legislators of West Virginia are clearly not interested in the well being and education of the children in that, my home state.  They are clearly not interested in investing in the future; they are more interested in lining their pockets in the present.

After all, they are frightened of education! They are frightened of people who know – and can expose – their lucrative donors, the filthy wealthy who exploit our people, our citizens, our children for their own gain. You shall know them by their works.

Do not be silent. Do not accept their excuses.
Demand that the teachers in West Virginia be treated and paid fairly. Demand that the teachers in your state be treated and paid fairly as well.
This is not for mere ideology.
This is for your children.

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  1. Baloo Uriza
    March 29, 2018

    We’re about to have a statewide teacher walkout on Monday here in Oklahoma. I support the teachers and for as long as it takes to get a well deserved and desperately overdue improvement in working conditions and quality of life.

    Upswing for me, this strike is likely to last quite a long time. Which means the school year will resume as soon as the strike is over, possibly delaying the start of next school year and potentially delaying the summer vacation after that. Which means I can actually go to the water park without a ton of people or lines.

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