It must be fraud week for me or something… my experience with a text job scam

It’s my week for scammers! Yesterday I got texts from a guy claiming to represent a company (which he didn’t) trying to hire me for a position that I hadn’t applied for. If you read this thread on Indeed: you’ll note that the wording is almost identical (just different company names), and it’s a phishing scam.

I’ve yet to get a call or text out of the blue offering to hire me that wasn’t a scam of some kind. (If you’ve not read it, take the time to read my account of when I went to an “interview” that turned into a MLM sales pitch.)  I’ve posted the screencap below, along with the text (my replies are in italics) if you can’t see the image (click the thumbnail to embiggen it).

Click to embiggen

Good Day, I am Mr. James Love, The Admin H.O.D. Professional Diversity Network, Inc. I am Contacting you in regards to your resume reviewed and Selected on Activehire, I believe this is STEVEN M. SAUS?

Can I help you?

Your Resume Have been Approved by Professional Diversity Network, Inc. You are Qualified to function in one of these open Positions in the company: Accounting Manager, Payroll Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Clerical Admin, Customer Service Rep, Data Entry Clerk, Sales Rep, Sales/Marketing Manager, and Project Manager. Which of the above Can you handle perfectly?

I am woefully overqualified for all of those positions, mate. Also “has” been approved.

Do you have a Gmail account to proceed with the job and to know more about the company, pay scale and duties?

I thought you said you had my resume?
Also, Professional Diversity Network is based out of Chicago. Is there a reason you’re texting me from a California area code?

Of course Steven, I need you to send to make sure it tallies with what i have here and also for record keeping. The company has a branch here in California.
This is strictly online and works from home job and you can as well work from anywhere of your choice or anytime that does suit you. Working Hours are flexible.

Then why didn’t you e-mail me? I mean, it’s not keeping with the script scammers have used (as shown on this Indeed posting) and what you’re saying doesn’t make sense for PDN.
But that’s okay; I’m going to go ahead and send this screen cap on to them so they can decide whether or not this crosses the line of criminal impersonation for a phishing attempt.
And if I’m wrong, well, you weren’t going to meet my current salary anyway.
Which you would have known if you actually looked at my real resume.

He didn’t reply after that.  🙂