The One Big Difference A Lot Of People Are Missing – Are You?

Something to think about.

If the Nazis and their ilk go away, antifa goes back to whatever they do in their normal lives.


If the antifa and their like go away, the Nazis and white supremacists
continue to push an agenda that cannot succeed without mass murder and
the imposition of a full-blown police state.

You cannot claim that the two are morally equivalent without embracing, or at least tolerating, the Nazi agenda.

“Yes,” you might say, “I hate both.” That is a rational and defensible
position. But if you pretend they’re the same level of evil, you are not
someone I want to be associated with.

The Nazis, white
supremacists, and white nationalists want to murder millions of people
based on nothing but who their parents are or how dark their skin might

Antifa wants to stop them.

If you are too stupid to
see the difference, please remove yourself from my friends list.

And, if
we associate offline, please let me know so I can avoid you like the
plague that you are.

Get the hell out of my universe.

– Paul Myers
(countersigned by me)

(The above is quoted with permission from Paul Myer’s Facebook post in response to Trump’s re-insistance that “both sides” are to blame for Charlottesville. If you’re interested in selling online, Paul has a lot of good information at his website; I recommend his work and have been a subscriber to his newsletter for a long time.)

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