Ignore stupid “scary” music. Go for some deeply creepy stuff this season.

It is almost that most wonderful time of the year – the time when leaves fall, when mortality is evident, and children scamper oblivious collecting candy while adults fret and worry, distracted from the reminders of their own deaths by the kind pranks played on them by others.

Yes, it is all-hallow’s eve.  And let me give you a soundtrack so much better than the banal “scary” sounds you’ll find at those abominations of halloween stores selling “sexy elmo” costumes.

We’ll start with something hard to find, but well-loved among those who have: Sephiroth.  This track, “Wolf Tribes” is very representative. This dark ambient track contains a menace that is deep, and primal.

Hopeful Machines, self-described as “Music for Sociopaths”, is a side project from a member of Ego Likeness and has a lot of music available for download. They are more softly disturbing, with an aesthetic drawn from industrial-styled sampling and sweeping electronic chords.

Cryo Chamber is a label, but they offer several samplers of dark ambient works for free. Definitely worth checking out.

And to wrap us up, Pye Corner Audio has several “Black Mill Tapes”; while all their work is delicately and beautifully dark, these are wonderful as soundscapes and well worth the asking price.

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