Nazis are nazis, no matter how they brand themselves.

You are either against Nazis or you support them.  They do not allow a middle ground.

A few relevant notes:

From Patrick Tomlinson (on Twitter, lost the link):

“Because there’s some confusion, fighting for civil rights, and fighting for genocide, are not morally or ethically equivalent positions.”

Trump wanted (wants?) to focus counter-terrorism solely on Islam.

This isn’t just about race. As Patrick Tomlinson articulately said about the Daily Stormer article about Heather Heyer ( link, triggering):

Nazism isn’t just about racism. It is also deeply misogynistic. It is about not just preserving white power, but male domination.

Just look at how these troglodytes talk about an innocent woman MURDERED by one of their number. Look at how they reduce her value to nothing more than the productivity of her womb. How they call her a slut for engaging in the simple joy of human sexuality while they themselves preen about their ficticious “conquests.” Look at how they reduce her deliberate, calculated assassination by their compatriot to a mere “road rage” incident as if she’d refused to let him merge instead of being run down in a crowded street while on foot.

Look these people, in the face. See what they really are.

This is not a somewhere else problem. These are people who live among the rest of us. The scum who killed Heather Heyer is from Ohio. The author of that article is in Columbus. Two others photographed there are from Centerville, just down the road from me.

They live in your town.

While the ones photographed in Charlottesville are being identified, there are others who weren’t there.

They might be quieter. They might offer false equivalencies or excuses.

But it is simple.

You are against Nazis – no matter how they rebrand themselves – or you are for them.