When a hate site claims it’s not a hate site, because religion

(Approximately a 2 min read.)
The site linked to at the bottom is – and you’ve been warned – some concentrated, distilled, and purified self-righteous fuckery dressed up and pretending that it’s a follower of an itinerant Jewish rabbi that lived two thousand years ago.
There’s almost too much on this page to really get it in one go.  From the predictable gender policing and anti-feminism to ‘9/11 was an inside job’ to anti-Catholicism to the insistence that (somehow) only King James’s version of the Bible is the only accurate translation (which also posits that English somehow hasn’t changed since that time, but anyway).
But it’s worth taking an eyeball-searing look at this yes quite probably triggering supposedly “Christian” website.  Especially if you’re a Christian.
First, because It’s stunning and horrifying and worth reminding yourself that yes, people like this actually exist.
But the more important thing is easily missed if you don’t scroll to the bottom.  There’s a link where they claim “This is NOT a hate site” and “explain” how it’s really a “love” site. I’m reminded of one of the street preachers who explained to me that since he was “born again”, it was impossible for him to sin, since that would mean he wasn’t actually born again.
And that’s terrifying.
It is not difficult at all to see how this kind of zealotry leads to extremism, or how prominent quotations of “…Shall your brethren go to war, and shall ye sit here” can become dog-whistles to violence.  (Christian terrorism in the US is a thing)
The dominant Christian narrative in the United States keeps claiming that Christianity is different than “those” religions.  They keep claiming – implicitly or explicitly – that it is a difference in the quality of the religions.
Sites like this do serve a valuable purpose: They show, quite clearly, that extremism isn’t about which faith tradition or religion you follow. It’s about the people following that religion.
With that warning: https://jesus-is-savior.com/

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