Several of us have started our own, self-hosted, flash fiction challenge over at a website we’re calling Obsidian Flash.
It’s on a forum behind a password, so that anything you write and
submit is considered unpublished.  Registration is quick, free, and
pretty painless.


So what? NO EXCUSES.

Seriously, this thing is the perfect thing for you to do if you think writing is hard (or finding time for writing is hard), and especially if you haven’t been writing for a while:

  1. Challenges like this are great for stimulating creativity.
  2. You’re supposed to write for an hour (ish); you can make that time.
  3. You don’t have the time to critique yourself.
  4. You’ll get helpful feedback from published authors and editors like myself, Donna Munro, Anton Cancre, and more.


The next challenge is scheduled for THIS weekend.  The prompt will go up this Friday (THAT’S TODAY, FOLKS) at 8pm EST.  Poet, author, and editor Anton Cancre is our flashmaster!

Go sign up now at https://obsidianflash.com/forum and we’ll see you writing this weekend!

Here are the rules:

  1. All stories should be complete, written and posted within 24 hours of
    the prompt being posted, and can be anywhere from one sentence to
    1,000 words in length.  Typically the prompt is posted by 8pm EST on
    Friday, and stories are posted by 8pm EST on Saturday.

  2. You may choose to write your story in any genre.

  3. Your story must be built around the restrictions—words, themes,
    photo prompts, word limits, etc.—provided by the Flashmaster at the
    beginning of the challenge.

  4. Once the participants’ work is posted, the voting and comment
    session begins and continues until all votes are in. Time limit for
    voting will be determined on the spot, depending on how many people
    finish the challenge.  Typically this is within 24 hours of the end of
    the writing portion, or 8pm EST on Sunday.

  5. The winner becomes Flashmaster and chooses the prompt(s) for the
    next contest.  Also, you get all the Internet Bragging Points you think
    you can get away with.

Don’t wait – get going and register at https://obsidianflash.com/forum right now and join us!

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