Today, in “shit I shouldn’t have to say”, Philippines edition

If you defend the extrajudicial murders (with a death toll over 7,000 people) in the Philippines, you are also defending extrajudicial murders everywhere.
Including  the US’s shameful history of lynching. 
“But they’re criminals!” Deciding that is the point of a court of law, not a mob or thugs on motorcycles with guns.
“But most of the public approves!” That applies to lynching in the Southern United States as well.
Mob violence and extrajudicial murder is mob violence and extrajudicial murder. 
I understand the desire to punish and get rid of those who are harming others without bothering with the PITA that the courts can be.  That’s also been my go-to reason for being glad I don’t have the power to make that call.
I understand the visceral appeal; I like superhero fiction as much (or more) than anyone. I also realize it’s fiction, where the bad guys are always bad and the good guys don’t punish the innocent by accident. (or it’s glossed over, thanks DCU).
This is the real world. And even with checks and balances, we punish the innocent a frightening percentage of the time.
This is pretty clear cut and dry, and I’m horrified that it still has to be spelled out.