COLUMBUS AREA: Irish Traditional Music, Free, 1pm on 8 April 2017!

Trellis – a Columbus, Ohio based Irish traditional music band whose lead singer just happens to be a friend of mine – is having their first concert THIS SATURDAY at 1:30 pm.  While I can’t be there due to a prior engagement, I sure wish I could be.  I caught them last year at the Celtic Festival; my video of that follows their announcement (please note that the potato quality and vertical filming are my sins, not theirs).
From the event page:

Trellis needs to get videos of us playing a concert as a three-piece band, so we are hosting this FREE, open-to-the-public one-hour concert in the Friends Theater, which is in the basement of the main branch of the Upper Arlington Public Library on Tremont Rd.

Trellis plays traditional Irish songs and tunes, accompanied by fiddle, bouzouki and tenor banjo. Come join us after lunch on Saturday, April 8.

You can hear samples of our music on the Trellis Facebook page.

We hope to see you there! Bring friends, and hands to clap, and maybe even voices with which to sing.

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