Choose: Four thousand full-time workers, a $1/hr raise for 56K workers, or golfing trips for someone else’s family?

I was really angered by this thing written by a paramedic about fast food workers making as much as they do.

Not because of what they wrote.

Because it doesn’t go far enough.

Look, if you’ve not read it before, take a moment and read that red text over there to the right.  It’s good … but it’s only a start.

Because just before this crossed my Facebook feed, a different article already had me upset:

Trump’s Family Trips Cost Taxpayers Nearly As Much In A Month As Obama’s Cost In A Whole Year

Yeah, you read that right.

So let’s do some basic math, shall we?

Obama’s trips cost taxpayers $12.1 million per year, or an average of $1,008,334 per month.

Trump’s vacation and golfing trips to Florida are currently costing an estimated $10,000,000 per month.

This is all pretty straightforward, but this is what I want you to think about:

The difference between those two numbers is $8,991,666.

At the $15/hr rate, the difference in travel costs between the two presidents was enough to employ three thousand, seven hundred forty-six full-time people last month.

Do the math yourself.  $15*40*4 =  $2400/month.  $8991666/$2400 = 3746.5

(When I worked in fast food, I was lucky to get anywhere close to part-time hours, let alone full-time, but that’s a separate issue.)

Okay, that’s not compelling enough? Okay, how about this:  the difference between Trump and Obama’s travel expenses would be enough to give fifty-six thousand, one hundred and ninety people an instant raise of a dollar an hour for that entire month.

Can you really tell me that Trump’s golfing trips are more beneficial to our country and our fellow citizens than providing a full-time wage to four thousand people for a month?  Or more beneficial than providing fifty-six thousand people with a raise of $1 an hour?

Remember, if you will, that thanks to an ill-thought-out hiring freeze and a lack of competitive pay that our Veteran’s Administration isn’t able to take care of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Remember that there’s still members of our armed forces using food stamps to make ends meet.

They want you to forget.

They want you to be afraid.

They want you to be scared.

Because if you’re scared and afraid, if you’re focusing on someone else doing a little bit better, you won’t notice them robbing you blind and playing golf.