Trump was acting like an abuser at the debate last night. He definitely triggered me.

There’s a lot of very good commentary about exactly what happened Sunday night at the debate. Commentary about the issues and so on.

I don’t usually make too big of a deal about the crap that I’ve dealt with in my life. But I have gone through some crap. And last night, while watching the debate, I felt … strange at times. I felt upset, occasionally confused, and very, very anxious.

It took me a moment to realize that watching Donald Trump speak was, quite literally, triggering the emotional reactions from prior incidents in my life. That the things he was saying – the way he was saying them – was what was triggering my anxiety.

Again, in the greater scheme of things, I’ve not really been through a lot. I know quite a few people who are, right now, dealing with situations far worse than anything I dealt with.

So I wrote this on social media:

I realize that me simply saying this probably isn’t enough for those who haven’t experienced this kind of thing. So below, I present several representative comments (that I also retweeted) that really highlight why Donald Trump’s behavior at the debate was so upsetting.

Sometimes the comments are dead serious. Sometimes there’s a comedic element to them.

Make no mistake, though. These behaviors are patterns with him and with far too many other people. They are not acceptable. They are not okay.

We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience.

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