What awesome song covers have you found on YouTube? Here’s some of my faves.

I’m sure there’s more guys (and gals? Are there women doing this? I want to know!) covering things in a metal style, but these three are currently my favorites, and I’d like to share them with you. If you like ’em, consider backing them on Patreon (the links on their names are to their Patreon campaigns).

First, Eric Calderone (or ERock), who I first mentioned back in 2012. He’s still going strong, covering mostly (but not just) theme songs from pop culture. He’ll arrange them so that they’re with a guitar. It sounds like that wouldn’t be a big deal, but… well, check these two out:

Next up is Leo Moracchioli, who runs Frog Leap Studios. He does full-on covers – both metalizing songs (and they’re a bit brutal, but good), and doing acoustic covers of previously metal songs. Here’s a good example of each:

Finally, Anton did me the service of introducing me to Jonathan Young, who does a lot of great work with Disney songs (and some other fun pop culture stuff). Check this out:

These tickle the same neurons that the best mashups do for me. Like these kids covering “46 and 2”.

What awesome covers have you run across on YouTube?