Mrs. French’s cat is missing. A Review: Pontypool

Just listen to me.

In some ways, I’m cheating by including Pontypool, as Alasdair Stuart wrote about it for the “Tropospheric Outlaw” issue of recompose. But it was while formatting his essay for the issue that I first learned about it… and have been an evangelist for this movie ever since.

It’s hard to describe this film without giving away the major elements that make it so compelling. So let’s just say that the acting is top-notch in what could be almost considered a “bottle episode” of a film.

Ignore the trailer. It makes this movie seem like it’s some run-of-the-mill movie.

It isn’t.

The challenge I’ve offered a number of people is this: Watch the opening credits. Listen closely to them. And then, if you want me to turn the movie off, I will.

If you’re the type of person who likes intellectual horror, who enjoys a good mind-f##k, who loves the use of language… well, you should plan on watching this film after seeing the opening credits.

If, for some reason, you’re unable to watch the film, the CBC re-edited the audio of the film into an audio drama.

Because something’s going to happen. But then again, something’s always going to happen.