I’m tired of fireworks season.

(If you’re interested in getting in on a group buy of such signs, please check out the post at https://ideatrash.net/2016/07/interested-in-no-fireworks-sign-let-me.html .)

I hate fireworks season.

I get it that there are fireworks displays around the 4th of July.

I don’t get why there were fireworks going off – in the rain – until well after midnight last night.

I don’t get why fireworks started before 4pm this afternoon – in the rain – and are still going on.

I don’t get why this will probably be a nightly thing through – and past – Labor Day.

And I live in a state where setting off such fireworks is quite clearly illegal.

But it’s not because it’s against the law that it bothers me. I don’t give a damn if you smoke pot, or whatever.

I care about fireworks season because of her.

This beautiful, 65 pound dog, a loving and active dog who was abused as a puppy and has learned to love and care again, ends up like this during fireworks season:

She can take up most of my mattress when she wants to. And she has somehow managed to fit all of herself under my desk in fear.

I remember having small children live in my house. I remember the annoyance when they’d finally gone to sleep, only to be woken by someone setting off fireworks.

But this… to do this to a sweet, innocent dog for your jollies… well, fuck you.

If you feel similarly, or have a similar problem, I encourage you to call the police. Repeatedly. And after doing a little bit of research on the effectiveness of sign design, I’ve come up with the following. Click on the sign to be taken to github (https://github.com/uriel1998/fireworks_signs) where you can download a PDF or print-resolution PNG for each (or the smaller one for social media). The yellow ones are sized for US letter sized paper, the interstate sign looking one is sized for 22″ x 28″ posterboard.




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