Review: TaoTronics LED Light Bulbs

There’s a number of household things that I’ve discovered recently that have made a very significant change in my life. Some are simple, some are big, but they’re all things that I’ve been really, really happy with.

Or in other words, it’s review week!

I was an early convert to CFLs, and quickly found that the quality varied wildly between brands. Some were bluish, some were warm, some just kind of sucked. But regardless, they were all better than old incandescent bulbs – more energy efficient and not nearly as warm.

I purchased the TaoTronics LED Bulbs E26 Light Bulbs when they went on sale at Amazon (I’ve not seen this particular brand elsewhere, and given my experiences with CFLs, I’m hesitant to point to other brands).

These lightbulbs are supposed to be equivalent to 60W incandescents, but seem quite a bit brighter to me. The light is definitely clearer and, while not blue, it has more blue in it than the CFLs they replaced.

I’ve had these bulbs for about a month and a half, and they’ve made a huge change in the way the rooms they’re in feel. No warm-up time like some CFLs have, clear light, and with the frosted top there are no uncomfortably bright spots either. And considering that the sale is still ongoing (at least as I’m writing this), you get 6 bulbs for just over $20. Well worth the cost of replacement.

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