Why You Shouldn’t Wait: Back *No Sh!t, There I Was* Today!

I’ve run into them, and perhaps you have too: People who look at a crowdfunding project and say “Ooh, that’s neat. I’ll buy it when it comes out.

Maybe you’re one of those people.

Let me offer three simple reasons why you shouldn’t be – at least, not with the Kickstarter for No Shit, There I Was.

You’re Not Saving Money By Waiting

One of the things I’m doing differently with this project is to set the lowest funding levels at prices equal to the retail price.

I’ve not always done this for reasons that made sense to me – mostly that I’d pay a little extra to ensure something cool happened, and assumed others would too. I’ve heard from a lot of folks that they did not feel that way, so I started adjusting things starting with the Kickstarter for recompose.

What You Eventually Get Might Be Less Awesome

I really do enjoy interior art – I was glad to be able to have it for Steampunk World and recompose…and I’d love to be able to have it for No Shit, There I Was. But we have to reach those stretch goals in order to get it. I can’t go back and retroactively add it if you buy the book six months down the line.

Backers Will Get The Books Well Before The Public

Previously, I tried to get books out as soon as possible to everyone – backers and the general public alike – as soon as possible. But starting with this campaign, backers are still going to get the book as soon as possible… but everyone else is going to have to wait several months (I haven’t decided if we should wait three or six months) to be able to buy it. 

We are less than a week out from the campaign finishing, and have already met our funding goal. So tell everyone that if they want the book anytime soon – or if they want cool things like interior art – the time for waiting is over, and to back now!

Easy sharing links are right here:

The project: https://j.mp/kick_noshit
Facebook: https://bit.ly/noshit_fb
Google Plus: https://bit.ly/noshit_gplus
Tumblr: https://bit.ly/noshit_tumblr
StumbleUpon: https://bit.ly/noshit_su

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