I’ll be at Penguicon 2016 this weekend! Will I see you there?

Hey, wanna guess where I’ll be this weekend?

At Penguicon, y’all!

I’ve got three (scheduled) panels:

  • Editors, Publishers, and Readers– What Rules to Break and Which Don’t Apply: Many new authors have heard the rules: One POV per scene, don’t use adverbs, Limit the POVs to no more than three per story. These ‘rules’ have been taught for over a hundred years, but who came up with them and do they still apply to the modern reader?  Speakers include:Ann Leckie, Michael K. Elliot, Steven Saus, Tobias Buckell, Stacy Bender – 5pm Friday in Portage
  • History in Speculative Fiction (and Other Literature), The historical details can bring a story to life or bog it down. What’s the right balance?  Speakers include:Clif Flynt, Steven Saus, Nicole Castle, Robert Kroese – 9pm in EMC I
  • Acts of Shameless Self-Promotion, What’s the best way to get your name forward?  Speakers include:Dave Klecha, Michael W. Lucas, Jackie Morgan, Steven Saus – 5pm Saturday in Portage.

I say "scheduled", because as I usually do, I’ve offered to jump in anywhere if needed. But it looks like I’m going to have a lot of time Saturday and Sunday to hang out, talk, and otherwise have a good time.

That is, if I manage to get over the high of being on a panel with Ann Leckie and Tobias Buckell…

Anyway, if you’d like to formally schedule some of my time during the convention, it’s pretty easy to do using Calendy at https://calendly.com/steven-saus . And if we just run into each other, all the better!