Writing (And Gaming) Music Review – Phantom Power

Did you ever want to have music that sounds like it came from movie trailers while you’re writing or running a roleplaying game?

Of course you did.

And did you want that music for free?

Hells to the yes you did.

Let me introduce you to Phantom Power. They’re hard to find – the term is a mixing one, and their focus isn’t really on producing finished tracks for people like us.

As best as I can tell, their focus is on sound design, and creating sound elements. But they also provide the end result of those elements, and that’s what we want to enjoy.

The simplest way to enjoy this music is on Youtube – there’s two big playlists (here and here) that catch nearly all the released tracks between them.

But if you want to go to the source (or can’t figure out youtube-dl), then you’ll want to go to http://phantompower.sourceaudio.com/#!albums. You can download the albums after a free signup, but be warned! You’ll not only get the finished songs, but many of the tracks that make up the song as well, such as an isolated bass track, or isolated lead guitar, and so on. (If you’re a music person, it’s a bonus, for everyone else, it’s a warning.)

Although each track is usually only two to four minutes, these epic arrangements seem to keep the energy always rising. Highly worth checking out.

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