Review: Spy (Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham)

I went into Spy ($6-$10 rental, Amazon) figuring I’d be mildly amused.

I laughed my ass off throughout.

Artfully dissecting the issues of being large and female in the world, Melissa McCarthy and the supporting cast provide a delightful – and still exciting – tour de force through the stereotypes of spy thrillers.

Jason Statham continues to show that he doesn’t take himself seriously at all while simultaneously demonstrating how he became an action movie star. Jude Law is perfect as the awesome super spy. And the rest of the cast turn in pitch-perfect performances.

As one Amazon reviewer put it – and I agree completely:  “It’s as if Pam from Archer got her own movie”.

Quick notes:

1. There is a lot of cursing. Doesn’t bother me, but f-bombs abound.
2. The “unrated” version doesn’t have a lot more to it than the original (mostly a bit with dick pics).  While that scene is hilarious, if there’s a price difference the theatrical release will do you just fine. 
3. There aren’t that many fat jokes…and they’re usually making the thin person look bad. A nice change of pace there.

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  1. January 9, 2016

    We watched SPY last night, on your rec, and it was hilarious! I think the family are going to have to see it again, just to hear the jokes that we missed the first time around because we were laughing so hard. Only downside for me was that Jude Law with a N American accent took some getting used to. Keep the recs coming, Steve! 🙂

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