Earth Without Art Is Eh. Support *recompose* today.

This is really the reason behind recompose.

There’s something … different … when you start talking about short works of art. Whether drabbles like the 100 Word Story podcast (or some of my own drabbles), flash fiction like "Safe Empathy", or poetry like "The Right of It", short works of art slam into you in a way that a longer work never can.

You do yourself a disservice if you read a book of poetry or short fictions in one sitting. You will become numb at best, the repeated blows of art becoming nothing more than background noise.

Short fiction and poetry have a special power that longer works simply cannot reproduce.

They are quick, powerful jabs. They are the slice of meathooks into your skin. They are the electric touch of the first time you touch your lover’s skin. They are the first melting drop of ice cream upon your tongue.

That is what we are bringing you with recompose.  We’ve already funded two issues for 2016, and every cent we get will go to getting more poets and authors crafting work for you.

There’s only a week left in the Kickstarter.  Don’t delay.