Writing Music Review: Project Zomboid

The nice thing about going and looking for great writing music is that you can realize that more than one part of a game can be really freaking awesome.

For example, I wrote about Project Zomboid late last year.

Even though No More Room In Hell (whose soundtrack I discussed last week) is a bit more about survival than movie-style gunfighting shenanigans, it is a first person shooter… and the soundtrack reflects that.

Project Zomboid is not a shooter. It’s an almost meditative game. It is about survival against horrible – and horrific – odds. With its very different take on the zombie game, Project Zomboid’s soundtrack works well as a creepy atmospheric background for your writing. Since so much of the game is not fast paced, the music (composed by Zach Beever) has to serve to keep one’s interest while not calling attention to itself; this OST does so admirably.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to purchase this soundtrack directly – even from the artist’s website. You can hear it on YouTube (see below) to check it out, but I’d recommend picking up Project Zomboid to support both the game and the musician. Then you can get the direct OGG files to convert or play yourself.

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