Writing Music Review: Frozen Synapse and Frozen Synapse: Red

I have different music that I listen to when I write or edit.  And soundtracks – especially game soundtracks – really fit that bill nicely.  I’ll be talking about some of them here.

Frozen Synapse is a squad turn-based strategy game, which means that I love it and suck horribly at it at the same time.  It’s got a pretty compelling backstory of its own, as well as a visual aesthetic that I really enjoy.

But that’s not why we’re here.  We’re looking at the music for both the OST and for the expansion, Frozen Synapse: Red.

I’d like to call these dark minimalistic melodic electronica.  It doesn’t quite hit the “chiptune” level of electronica (which honestly tends to irritate the crap out of me), but there’s a heavy synth element here. 

But there’s also a strong world element as well, and that helps keep it from simply being yet another techno anthem.  I really pull this out if I’m writing anything that is modern day or onward, and if it’s not straight out-and-out happy.

Both the OST and the Red expansion are available from the artist’s Bandcamp page ($10 and $6 respectively) and are well worth the price.  And like all Bandcamp artists, you can take a good listen first to make sure you agree with me. (And since I’m writing these well before they go live, I’m hoping the embeds show up properly…)

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