Authors, Editors, and Publishers: You should have an nameplate page – even if you have your own website

As I mentioned back in 2013, there is no reason that you as an author should rely on Facebook as a primary author page.  And if you want more options (and you should) check out that post for more solutions and options.

As I pointed out, there are several services that provide you the opportunity to make a “nameplate page”, but I still think is the easiest to set up and perhaps the best if you’re not tech savvy.  (And even if you are, the basic plan is free, so why not?).

Let me show you what mine looks like (you can see the live version at ):

There’s actually quite a bit more below the fold – a representative quote, where I’m located, and some of my other work. provides several things that are really nice which you can see in the above image.  It has links to my most recent blog posts, as well as links to my major social media (and then some) sites.

It also looks really slick on mobile (something you absolutely must be aware of!) with absolutely no work on your part:

And with the addition of the new app “Intro” (iOS / Android), it’s possible to send digital business cards very easily to someone based on thier phone number or e-mail address.  You can customize what information is shared;  mine looks like this:

Again, this is all from the free version!  It takes literally minutes to set up, and again, even if you already have an existing web presence, it helps fill up the first page of search results with legit information about you.

I highly recommend about.me1 as an easy and vital tool for authors, editors, and publishers… and really just about anyone.  Check it out.

1 Those are referral links throughout; please note that I recommended back in 2013 before they had referral links!


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