The Adventure Of No Toilet Paper: or how tech changes everything

I’m on my way to Penguicon, and stopped for a quick snack at a McDonald’s somewhere between Toledo and Detroit. And to use the facilities.
I’m finishing up, and notice, far too late, there’s no toilet paper.
Multiple possible courses of action go through my head, all of them crappy. (Not sorry.). I had my phone, but how would I know what number to call?  I don’t even know what town this is.
Then I remember.  This is the future.
I get my phone. Pull up Maps, which quickly shows me at McD’s.  Tap once more, and it offers store details, including a phone number. A quick call later, and one of the staff helps me out of my sticky situation. (Okay, sorry for that one.)
Not that long ago, I would have (at best) maybe gotten a 411 operator to connect me. Now…it all came out all right. (Not sorry!)
It really took this mundane thing to make me truly realize exactly how much our phones have transformed everything in our lives.
And as authors, it’s going to be fun trying to keep up.

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