Oh, Right! I’ll Be At Penguicon this weekend!

I’ll be at Penguicon this coming weekend, along with a lot of other awesome folks.  I’ve wanted to go for a while, so I’m thrilled!  When you read the description, it makes sense:

Penguicon is a three-day event where we all learn from each other (as
well as from our Guests of Honor) about hacking, building sci-fi
universes, soldering, painting miniatures, gaming, coding, music,
incredible costumes, and more.

Our two pillars are Science Fiction and Open Source, but we cover as
many diverse nerdy interests as possible. We have a consuite with free
soda, coffee, munchies and other real food, which makes it easier on
your budget. You can find all kinds of original artwork and
non-commodity crafts in our enormous Maker Market.

Yeah.  ::swoon::

I’m on a number of panels:

1000 Saturday: How To Do Dystopia
1300 Saturday: How To Make the Fantastic Believeable
1700 Saturday: Rejection – Dealing with the Dark Side of the Creative Arts
1900 Saturday: You Can’t Kill the Undead
1100 Sunday: Marketing Online Content
1300 Sunday: Reading

If you’d like to meet up, twitter’s always good to get a hold of me and arrange something. 

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