Jasper the Colossal and HeShe/DC: Two bands you want to catch live.

Saw two great bands over this weekend – one that I’ve known for a while but has only gotten better, and one I was just introduced to.

We’ll start with the one that was new to me:  HeShe/DC. 

Yes, I know.  They are exactly what they sound like.


I am not a huge AC/DC fan.  I mean, I’m familiar with the band, vaguely familiar with the lineup changes, and won’t turn it off if it comes on the radio, but that’s about it.

But damn if they didn’t pull off the music (and attitude) to perfection.  They sounded really, really good.  And damn, it was fun.  When a cover band does a good enough job that someone who isn’t really a fan of the original band suddenly likes the songs more? 

Yeah.  That’s some high praise there, my droogs.

And the crossdressing bit for my LGBT folks?  Well, aside from the fact that one of the band members really reminds me of Eddie Izzard, it was just a thing.  Maybe it started out as a gimmick, maybe it’s not.  But while it was a fun thing, I didn’t get any sense it was a making fun of thing.

Find HeShe/DC on Facebook here.

The other band I saw this weekend was Jasper the Colossal.  I first ran across this band almost four years ago, but haven’t had the chance to see them since their Kickstarter (which led to the album Liar) almost two years ago. 

While they’ve had a little bit of a lineup change, I gotta say that my initial enthusiastic review is out of date.

They were good then.  Now, these women have simply gotten excellent.  If you’ve heard (or liked) Tilt, The Ninja Dolls, or Visqueen, you’ll like Jasper The Colossal.

Their show last night was super-tight, featuring some of their new work.  I’m really looking forward to the stuff they’re putting together for their next album.  If you have a chance to catch them live, it’s a show you don’t want to miss.

(Columbus folks:  That’s this weekend.

Find Jasper The Colossal on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and Reverbnation
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