Get over 60 stories and help a family – but only before 9pm EST TODAY!

This (2 Feb 2015) is your LAST CHANCE to get an exclusive digital copy of Life After Ashes, now with over sixty authors, cover artwork by Steven Gilberts, and interior art from James Ng!

Remember, this campaign ends at 9:53pm EST TODAY, so this is literally your LAST CHANCE to get a copy of this book.  To get your copy (and many more backer rewards) head to right now.

The current list of authors (there may even be more!) and stories follows!

  • Tobias Buckell “A Jar of Goodwill”
  • Joseph Mulak “A Tad Bit Ghostly”
  • Paul Genesse “Almost Brothers”
  • Rob Hamm “Are You There? Are You Safe? Is the Flock Safe?”
  • Juliette Wade “At Cross Purposes”
  • Gary Braunbeck “Attack of the Giant Deformed Mutant Cannibalistic Gnashing Slobberers from Planet Cygnus X-2.73:  A Love Story”
  • Daniel Robichaud “Autumn Jitters”
  • Roland Mann “Broken Down Truck”
  • Alasdair Stuart “Calliope’s Storm”
  • Kathleen Watness “Crossroads”
  • Laura Resnick “Dopplegangsters”
  • Alexis A. Hunter “Dying Mother”
  • Tim Waggoner “Embrace the Serpent”
  • Steve Lickman “Fangirl”
  • Donald J. Bingle “Father’s Day”
  • Cynthia Ward “Feeding the Cat”
  • Janine Spendlove “For All Eternity”
  • Ramsey Lundock “Foreign Magic”
  • John Gorney “Fort Hancock”
  • Jennifer Brozek “Found on the Body of A Soldier”
  • Geoffrey Girard “H. E. Double Hockey Sticks”
  • John Helfers “Hard Knocks”
  • Michael Burnside “Hunter Killers”
  • Jaym Gates “I Am Made of Every Color”
  • Anton Cancre “In Absence of Light, Unspoken”
  • Indrapramit Das “Kolkata Sea”
  • Michael Haynes “Learning the Game”
  • Malon Edwards “Mary Sundown and the Clockmaker’s Children”
  • Justin Swapp “Mayan Blood”
  • T. Lee Harris “Messing With Mother Nature”
  • Jackie Gamber “Mirror Mirror”
  • Nisi Shawl “Momi Watu”
  • Heidi Ruby Miller “Mr. Johnson’s Boy”
  • T. Fox Dunham “My Brother”
  • Beth Wodzinski “One Tiny Misstep (In Bed)”
  • Addie J. King “Poltergeist on Aisle Fourteen”
  • Tim Lebbon “Reconstructing Amy”
  • Adam Israel “Ruins”
  • Ferrett Steinmetz “Run, Bakri Says”
  • Sue Penkivech “Saying Goodbye”
  • E. Chris Garrison “Seelie Goose”
  • K.W. Taylor “She Lets Her Ladder Down”
  • Amanda C. Davis “Shimmer”
  • Dennis McKiernan “Silver Needle”
  • Isaac Bell “Stained With Nightmare Juice”
  • Marissa Lingen “Swimming Back From Hell by Moonlight”
  • Ryan Macklin “The Beacon”
  • Jarod Anderson “The Clasp”
  • Alethea Kontis “The Giant and the Unicorn”
  • Graham Storrs “The God on the Mountain”
  • Stephen Leigh “The Gods of Every Other Wednesday Night”
  • Lucy A. Snyder “The Leviathan of Trincomalee”
  • Matt Betts “The Night Godzilla Dumped His Chick”
  • Karen Bovenmeyer “The Scarlet Cloak”
  • Greg Campbell “The Stalker”
  • Scott Sandridge “Treecutter”
  • S. J. Chambers “Vintage Scenes #3: Morellino di Scansano, 2011 Vendemmia”
  • Evan Dicken “What Price for Pride”
  • Mary Garber “Worthy”

Remember, you can only get this anthology by donating at TODAY.  Don’t wait!

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