Help A Navy Vet and His Kids After A Fire

TL;DR:  A Navy vet & his kids lost everything in a fire this weekend.  They need help.  Please contribute anything you can (and if you’re in the area, physical donations of clothes and such are also appreciated.)  You can find the campaign at

Please also spread the word.

Thank you.

I’m not going to talk to you about publishing today.

I’m going to ask for your help.

Greg Campbell is a Navy veteran, published writer (“Cold Hands, Warm Heart”) and a single father after the unexpected death of his wife, Pam, just over a year ago.

Last night, a fire destroyed their home. The children are resilient, but they’ve lost everything – their childhood mementos, the photos and keepsakes of Pam’s, and family pets.  They literally have only the clothes on their back.

I met one of the kids the night before his house burned down.  He’s a good kid, and trying to deal with the reality that his whole life is once again completely changed.

As someone who has been a single dad more than once in my life, it’s a hard thing to do.  And I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been after unexpectedly losing a spouse…and then to lose your house with all your memories…


So I’m asking you to help for more than just the obvious reason.  I’m asking you to help because you will make a huge emotional difference in this family’s life.

Recently, a post I made ended up with me getting a lot of messages of support from people I didn’t really expect to.  And it made a HUGE difference.

You have a chance to make that kind of difference here today.

Let me assure you:  Any contribution you can make, even if it’s just a dollar, will make a huge difference to this family.

Because when any tragedy strikes, it’s easy to feel alone and helpless.

You will let them know that people care. 

Give what you can right now and spread the word.

PS:  Aside from my own contribution, I’m also offering eBooks (PDF/Kindle/ePub) of my own writing to anybody who contributes anything over a dollar.

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