Yet another reason to back Not Our Kind right away….

The Kickstarter for Not Our Kind is in its last three days.   If you’ve been on the fence about backing this book, it’s time to jump in with both feet.

Maybe you’re on the fence, despite the backer rewards.  Fair enough.

You’re going to get a damn good book.

Sure, you suspect that I’m partial to it myself.  Fair enough.  I’d wonder that if I were you.

But then I’d read this press release from Alliteration Ink:

Two stories from Alliteration Ink’s 2013 release What Fates Impose made Honorable Mentions for Ellen Datlow’s “Best Horror of the Year” for this year. The full list of notable stories is at

The two stories selected from What Fates Impose are Amanda C. Davis’ “The Scry Mirror” and Andrew Penn Romine’s “Ain’t Much Different’n Rabbits”.

The editor for What Fates Impose, Nayad Monroe, is currently working with Alliteration Ink to raise money for her next anthology. This new anthology, entitled Not Our Kind and including stories from both Davis and Romine, is in its last week on Kickstarter.

You can find What Fates Impose at and Not Our Kind at

It is a big deal to even get on Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mentions list – and to have two stories from the same book on there… well, that says these folks are doing something right.

And on top of the people recognized above, there’s a whole host of other awesome – and award-winning – authors whose stories are going to be in this book.

Contribute whatever you can – a dollar, five, ten, more.  You’ll get rewards that are more than worth it.

And if you can’t contribute anything, spread the word about Not Our Kind

Thank you so much!

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