New All-Backer Rewards for *Not Our Kind* and Exclusive Add-Ons!

There are two big announcements over at the Kickstarter for Not Our Kind:

  • How backers suddenly getting more bang for the buck with additional backer rewards
  • New add-ons of an exclusive t-shirt and discounted eBooks

All Backer Perks

The Kickstarter exclusive edition will feature at least a frontispiece by Jenna Fowler,
which will only be available through this Kickstarter.  (If we surpass
our goal by enough to pay her for more art, we will, without adjusting
any other stretch goals.)  Retail copies of this book will not include this interior art, making your rewards much more valuable – both because of the quality of her art, and also because it will be a very limited run.

Jenna also did the interior artwork for another anthology that I has a story in:  Gears & Growls: Beast Within 4, edited by Jennifer Brozek (who is a story contributor to Not Our Kind).

Upon successful funding, all backers will additionally get audio of Steven Saus’ story "The Wild Charge They Made" from Gears & Growls: Beast Within 4. This story features steampunk werebadgers, and is not available in audio anywhere else.

More Choices With Add-Ons

I listened to your feedback here, in e-mail, and on Facebook, and so I’m glad to be able to offer these two additional add-ons:

Selected digital books

you’re just getting started with Alliteration Ink’s publications, the
$75 reward level is a quick (and the least expensive) way to get all of
our titles digitally. But what if you already have some of them? You can
add on any previously published Alliteration Ink digital title for
$4.50 – that’s 10% off the cover price. Get as many as you need to
complete your collection; the full list is here:

Any digital book from Alliteration Ink comes in PDF, ePub (nook, iTunes, Kobo), and Kindle formats.

Just to make it clear:  The $75 reward level is a bigger discount if you’re getting all of the books.

Exclusive T-Shirts

you’ve been to any conventions this summer where Alliteration Ink had a
presence, you might have seen these gorgeous, comfortable t-shirts:

feature the feather logo on the left breast, and no other
advertisement. Classy, sophisticated, and awesome – just like you.
Before now, these were only available to a very small group of people,
but I’m making them available to Kickstarter backers as an add-on
reward. These shirts are not available for retail sale.  They’re $30 (including shipping, US only, I’m afraid) for all sizes.

can choose any combination of any number of extra copies, t-shirts, or
extra eBooks; just add the total price of your copies to the amount you
pledge. At the end of the project be sure to answer the survey with the
extra awards you selected.

How do you get in on all this awesomeness?  You head right on over to and back that project!  You only have a few days left, so don’t delay!