Get a Copy Of Sidekicks for FREE – and Back Another Anthology As Well!

I’m kind of horrible at self-promotion.

At least, according to some metrics. I don’t talk a lot – probably enough at all – about anthologies that I’m in. I’m always overworried that I’m over-mentioning my own work on social media, too. I’m just as annoyed by the over-mentioning and over-hashtagging promotion crap as you are.

It’s a little different when it’s other people’s work.

For example, Sidekicks!.

This anthology came out last year. It’s edited by Sarah Hans, and I’m inordinately proud of this book. The cover is eye-catchingly awesome. The stories are… well, they’re touching and sweet and funny and action-packed. All the stories in this anthology worked for me, y’know?  It’s a rare anthology that can do that, and I’m really thrilled with this one.

And it’s gotten some good reviews as well:

Despite what the cover art may seem to imply, the tales don’t just focus on spandex clad four color warriors. Those are there, but there are also yarns of serial killers, Sheriffs, third world regimes, wizards, assassins and more. If you want variety of genre and style, buddy, you got it here. – Anton Cancre

This collection is clever, weird, disturbing and smart in a Twilight Zone meets Saturday Night Live kind of way. If Rod Serling collaborated with O. Henry and Lorne Michaels, the result probably would be something similar to Sidekicks!Annette

Why do I bring it up again?

There’s a Kickstarter going on right now from Silence in the Library publishing for Heroes!, which includes my story “Bindings”. 
And because I’m also the publisher of Sidekicks!, we worked out a pretty cool deal: You can easily add on a copy of the anthology Sidekicks! to your Kickstarter order.

But if you’re one of the first 350 people to back the project, you get a digital copy of Sidekicks! for free.

Now that’s pretty damn super.

Swing, fly, or speed on over to Kickstarter to get a bunch of cool superhero fiction!

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