The Kickstarter for *Devils’ Field* – the New Jessie Shimmer Novel – Is Going On Now!

Lucy A. Snyder – the Bram Stoker Award-winning author who has worked with Alliteration Ink with Steampunk World, Streets of Shadows, and What Fates Impose – is running a Kickstarter with me in order to write a new Jessie Shimmer novel.

Seriously, folks, when Lucy first approached me with this project, I hadn’t read the books yet.  I knew Lucy’s other work, so when I started reading the earlier books in the series I knew they’d be good… but I didn’t know they’d be that good.

They are that good.  Wow.

But don’t take my word for it – check out these reviews for the earlier Jessie Shimmer books in the series:

"Snyder combines the best of Jim Butcher and T.A. Pratt in this wildly imaginative and intensely gripping urban fantasy trilogy launch. … Threads of romance, horror, action, and humor weave throughout, serving as the perfect backdrop against which memorable characters and a unique system of magic can shine." — Publishers Weekly starred review

"Snyder excels at placing the reader directly in the action of her surreal world, and keeps them firmly ensconced there despite a fast and furious pace … Eccentric secondary players also contribute to the enjoyable wild ride." —Bitten By Books

"Snyder injects this edgy urban fantasy with an erotic charge and a horrific flavor, creating a space where sex and terror coexist and no comfort zone is within sight."—Publishers Weekly

"Lucy Snyder attacks the page with the raw, manic intensity of an early Sam Raimi. This book is funny, profane, and insane in all the best ways. I can’t wait to see what Jessie Shimmer will get into—and possibly blow up—next." — Seanan McGuire

Seriously, folks, you want in on this one.

Check out the Kickstarter at!

Devils' Field: Lucy A. Snyder's New Jessie Shimmer Novel -- Kicktraq Mini

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