Spark – A Flash Fiction

And as tempting as it was, I did not quote Spike once here…

His cry echoed from the shattered wreckage of the car. “Nothing!”
His son shook his shoulders. “Dad, I called 911.”
The man shook off the boy’s embrace. “Those fools! They’ll be too late!” He bent over againaudac, orange cables trailing from gloved hands to the car battery. “Too late, do you hear?”
“Dad. It won’t – ” His son broke off, sobbing.
“It must!” He leaned forward again – he’d lost track how many times – and sparks flew.
But as his wife’s chest refused to move, as her heart refused to beat, Doctor Frankenstein refused to give up.

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Based around Laurence Simon’s weekly challenge for the 100 word-stories podcast. The player above should have the audio for this week; if it doesn’t, you can find the audio here to download.

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