So I’ve Been Playing With T-Shirt Designs

Sometimes you have to completely change your focus in order to keep your mind from seizing up.

One of the ways I’ve been doing that has been to make cool little t-shirt designs and sayings.  Well, I think they’re cool.  Nobody’s making you buy them.
So I have a horribly, horribly basic Spreadshirt store.   I’ll probably go to some effort in setting it out and laying it out and doing all sorts of neat things with it at some point. But I have a few cool (again, my term) designs that I think you might enjoy.  And enjoy buying stuff with them on it.

NOTE ONE:  Yes, I’m aware that large size shirts are horrendously more expensive, and horrendously even more expensive for large women than for large men.  I have no idea why, and I’ve tried to mitigate that cost difference as much as possible.  Yes, the difference is worse by default.

NOTE TWO:  If a link goes directly to the “Designs” portion of my store, that’s because I haven’t set up any items with that particular design yet.  I’m getting to it.

NOTE THREE:  If you’d like something (mousepad, canvas bag, hoodie, etc) with one of my designs, let me know.  I’m hesitant to let some of these out into “the wild”.  For example, the Geek design is only available in women’s shirts, because if a guy wore that shirt, it could give an entirely different message than what I intended with the design.

They are America’s REAL secret killer

You know it would be.  LOOP DAMMIT LOOP.

There are two variants for dark and light shirts

Prints on the BACK of the shirt

This seemed better than the “last nerve” vibe I got from all the “this is my last spoon/spork” variants
Because it’s true.

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