So I May Just Be Installing WordPress… What Advice Can You Give Me?

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All the social G+ layered crap that google has pretty much all-but-forced on blogger has … well, annoyed me to no end.  It makes it slow and unresponsive, and I’m tired of having to figure out how to kludge basic functionality to achieve what wordpress folks have automagically.

Tumblr has started messing with folks who have adult blogs – including classifying LBTQ blogs as "adult" and hiding them from search.

Yes, the PRISM/NSA/cyberwar stuff has gotten to the point that I’m taking back control of as much as possible.  

(How many people still have copies of dialup BBSes and modems?  That is survivalism for nerds, my friends.  And hey, I should probably do that.  I still have that WWIV license…)

That and I realized I have a better hosting package than I thought.

So I’m very seriously thinking about migrating to a self-hosted wordpress install for this blog and for the Alliteration Ink blogs.

I’ve already bookmarked all the "migrate from X to Y without losing pagerank" sites.  Here’s what I’m looking for from you:

1.  Is Akismet the only anti-spam plugin that actually works?  Is there one that’s cheaper but (as) effective?
2.  RSS creation is automagic, right?
3.  Any other plugins that are "must-have"? 
4.  What are the downsides that I’m not thinking of?  (Seriously, all the "migrate" posts make it sound like I’m currently being forced to use MS-DOS 6.0 right now…)


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