What Fates Impose: Tales of Divination

Life is uncertain, and the chance to get a peek into the future is so tempting… but is it really a good idea to look?

With this Kickstarter project, we’re asking for help to publish a book of short stories called What Fates Impose. We want to pay the authors professional rates for their writing and offer you the chance to get the book before anyone else. Your contributions will help us to make this book a reality.

Edited by Nayad A. Monroe, this anthology brings together stories from a diverse group of speculative fiction writers who show the possibilities of what can go right or very wrong when people get predictions of their future. There’s a full list of the authors and their story titles to be found on the project page. The book also includes cover artwork by Steven C. Gilberts, and an introduction by Alasdair Stuart.

The contributors have won a wide range of awards for their previous work, including the Bram Stoker Award, a Nebula Award, an AU Shadows Award, an Origins “Cleo” Award, a silver ENnie Award, the Authorlink! New Authors Award, a Octavia Butler Scholarship, and multiple other recognitions across the industry.

We’d like for you to check out the Kickstarter itself at https://bit.ly/kickfate.

It would mean a lot to us if you could also spread the word about the project on social media. Just three clicks will mean a great deal to us.

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Thanks so much!

Steven, Nayad, and all the contributors to What Fates Impose

What Fates Impose: Tales of Divination -- Kicktraq Mini

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