Support A Journalistic Look at the Role of Women in Tabletop Gaming: Makers, Schemers, and Dreamers

I’m going to keep this short and sweet:  You need to help Lillian Cohen-Moore get to GenCon.   Here’s what she has to say about it:

When #1reasonwhy
happened, I decided to shift my focus. I’d do an oral history project, but I
wanted it to be about women in games. More specifically, women in tabletop and
live-action role-playing. There’s a stunning amount of literature in existence
devoted to the history of women in video games, but there isn’t as much devoted
to tabletop. Even less than that, are projects that are open and accessible in
non-academic formats.

I want to do Makers, Schemers, and Dreamers. I want to put these interviews and
photographs online, but I need some help. I want to take the project to Gen Con.
I already have access to women for interviews here in Seattle, but women from
all over attend Gen Con. That gives me a more diverse pool of people to
interview beyond who I have in driving distance.

Gen Con won’t be the only time Makers, Schemers, and Dreamers
will go on the road, but it would be the first time I’d be able to take it out
of state. By loading all the media I’m able to capture during interviews onto
the web, it becomes a globally accessible project. As long as someone can get hold
of an internet connection, they’d be able to explore the history of female
peers, creators, organizers and artists who help make gaming what it is today—and
will influence the form it takes in the future.

 I’ve worked with Lillian before and also have been a fan of her work. 
Her writing is clear, challenging, and engaging.  She is the right
person for this project. 

Let’s make it happen.

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