So I’ve got this weight-loss widget….

Those of you reading on the website might notice the weight-loss widget on the right hand side.

You might also notice that it says “zero” today, even though I’ve been using MyFitnessPal (off and on) for quite some time.

That’s because the “off” has been much more than the “on”. Because I’m bloody fat.

This isn’t fat-shaming or anything like that.  This is all the fault of the Oatmeal.  And the Blerch (click on the image for the full comic – it’s well worth it).

That is the right name. That’s how I feel sometimes. More of the time. Most of the time.

Or this Louis CK routine (NSFW language)

Again, this isn’t about size or shape or any of the bullshit neuroses that society heaps on us.

I’m just sick of feeling like this. Of feeling yucky. Blerchy. I wanna outrun the Blerch.

If you’re looking for a tracker/calorie counter, I actually recommend MyFitnessPal. It takes a lot of the difficulty out of it. I just stopped using it because I felt ashamed. And I was hiding it from myself.

So being publicly accountable is something that can work for me here.

That widget is probably going to say “zero” for a while. I’m heavier than when I started, so I’m making up for prior bad behavior.

I go by SenorWombat there (don’t ask). You’re welcome to join in.

[EDIT 9/4/2013 – I removed the widget because of page load times, not because I stopped.]

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